Can Blockchain Empower Human Evolution?

Jan 17, 2018 | Articles

As I responded to this interview and before presenting the outcome at the BlockchainTalks conference in Amsterdam, I wanted to explore further these ideas of evolution and how blockchain plays an important role in it. 

As humanity evolves, it meets new challenges every day. These challenges not only grow in terms of apparent levels of complexity. They also require more attention and ingenuity from us in order to address and solve those complexities that are new to us.

In the last century we have witnessed the birth of transformative sciences and technologies such as quantum physics (and quantum computers), the Internet (and its 24/7 interconnected computers), space travel, electric cars, and now, the blockchain.

A true child of the latest discoveries of humanity, the blockchain invite us to examine from a new perspective the very definition of our society. We are entering an era where every single aspect of how our communities exchange and grow will be revisited and possibly redefined. An era where, basic concepts like money, value exchange, trade, etc. might not be unchangeable concepts anymore, and their meaning might evolve more often than what we have been used to.

Blockchain: the perfect expression of our communities

The beauty of the blockchain is that, at last, it allows us to understand and create very efficient technological representations of the different communities we are a part of. Through the creation of crypto currencies that enact the exchange of values within a community, we can implement an efficient system that perfectly matches the needs of such community and fuels its growth.

Blockchain is the new evolution of capitalism. A capitalism 3.0, if you will.

Moreover, we can now encompass much more than the monetary value of a transaction by taking into account the intangible impacts that any exchange between human beings has always had. We can have an early glimpse of what is yet to come by looking into amazing companies like COLU or SERATIO. These companies and their related tokens show us a path where it becomes more and more usual not only to trade with several types of currencies in our daily lives but also where we can have a clearer measure of the social impact that any transaction has.

In other words, we can now create systems that include all the aspects and dimensions of our society in a more conscious, social, and humanitarian “new version” of capitalism.

From the outer to the inner

Technology, and blockchain technology in particular, is here to help us gain more momentum in our own growth, to help us discover our true potentials. When I talk about potentials, I am not only referring to external potentials and achievements such as going to Mars, launching a new product or revolutionary technology, and so on. More importantly, I am referring to our inner potentials: technology can help us become more compassionate, grateful, and social-driven in all aspects of our lives. Just like media, technology is definitely a means for us to deliver the social value that our society needs for its healthy survival and growth in the long term.

Without a doubt, throughout the world, we might be able to see the negative impact that the implementation of technology in the name of productivity might have on so many. But perhaps we are forgetting that all these same families have also experienced huge positive benefits from technology such as more mobility, access to bigger markets, self-education, and so on.

Besides, as we get more and more assisted by technology in our earthly endeavors, as energy and labor becomes free, we will be able to have more time to reconnect with the inner or soft technology that lays inside every single human being: love, gratitude, compassion, trust, and so much more that had been left aside up until now.

Blockchain is about transformation

All in all, technology and blockchain bring about transformation, not destruction.

As the pace of technology accelerates, as the challenges we face become more and more daunting, we have no other choice than to trust ourselves, and our communities to take the right decisions…together.

This is one of the reasons why blockchain is so remarkable as it is very much aligned with these new ways of living.

The charm of blockchain is that thanks to it, we can finally begin solving big problems holistically not linearly, so that they can auto-adapt as circumstances change. Blockchain technology allows us to think about, for instance, how to create a currency that does good, that has a specific purpose, instead of just being a means of exchange. This is a revolution in itself.

Our possible future

So far, we are beginning to see the emergence of several technologies working in combination: AI, IoT, Robotics, quantum computing, and of course, blockchain.

It is clear that we are paving the way to an exciting world of total abundance where robots and their AI and IoT, will be able to tap into blockchain to gather information or participate in the execution of instructions or even decisions to serve our best interests.

Technology-wise, together we are creating the foundation for the next centuries.

As society at large, with all of its communities, embarks into its new iteration, into its own empowered version, we can only be filled with faith and hope for the inevitable positive impact this will have on our lives.

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