Give Foundation & Tutellus improve together the Education of millions of kids worldwide

May 11, 2018 | Give Label

Give and Tutellus believe that our kids across the world need to have access to richer educational content in an easy and convenient way.

Tutellus is happy to announce a commitment of $1,000,000 on a 5 years plan to help kids from the Give Ecosystem with scholarships program. These scholarships will help young people, with lessons and full curricula, improve their social and technical skills.

Blockchain companies are changing the world and letting people disrupt classical industries like Education. (the platform that pays users for learning) and (an initiative to help kids learn how to give to charities and get a financial education worldwide) join forces to boost their efforts and to accelerate the chance that underprivileged kids need worldwide.

The agreement include several stages:

  • a special donation to GIVE’s Kids Reserve Fund, to help kids without financial resources receive financial resources through the Give ecosystem ;
  • the implementation of an ongoing powerful scholarship program to let Give’s children study for free on Tutellus.

“We are really excited with this agreement”, says Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus. “Arnaud has proved over decades his philanthropic profile and I’m sure we can apply our platform to empower a lot of young people with our Education.“

Arnaud Saint-Paul, Founder of GIVE, mentions in turn: “We are thrilled to award Tutellus the GIVE Giver label as well as counting them as one of our Content Partners. I believe that this agreement, the first of many, will bring more value to the next generation and prepare them better to the new world we are all imagining and putting together as we speak.”

The agreement will start in September 2018 as Give’s beta test will be launched in Thailand with 10,000 kids. As the Give Ecosystem grows and unfolds both companies believe this initiative will become an ongoing feature for kids from 12 to 18 years old.